Hosted by Stewpendous Productions, Grab That Dough, Grab That Dough Trivia Show will test your knowledge of our favorite sitcom. Studio audience members at the Wake-Up-Miami Studio will be able to enter their name into a fishbowl to be called up to participate in a real-time game show. Winners from select episodes throughout the weekend will participate on Sunday upon the Citrus Festival Stage for a Grab That Dough Trivia Show trophy.

Entry for the Grab That Down will take place at the Wake-Up Miami Studio within Golden-Con prior to each “episode”. Contestants will be chosen just prior to each episode. 

Each Day there will be a Butter Queen Only round. Everyone is welcome to attend but only Butter Queens will be drawn to take the stage. So come and find out – Are you are smarter than a Butter Queen?

The Fine Print:

      1. This Trivia Programming is designed to be fun; so let’s keep it fun, don’t ditch your Mom and Rose to partner with the Kaplan Brothers, it won’t work out. 
      2. Prior to each round members of the Wake-Up Miami Studio Audience will be able to enter their name into a fishbowl.  At the top of each episode/session, 5 contestants will be called out of the studio audience to compete on-stage.  Audience members will be able to play along and cheer on contestants. 
      3. Our trivia host will have final determination on scoring and correct answers.
      4. Any contestation will be addressed AFTER the trivia round with Golden-Con officials.  
      5. Reminder: this is for FUN!   
Stewpendous Productions is more excited to be a part of Golden Con than Blanche would be at a bar full of Astronauts. Stew Jamesson the CFO (Chief Facilitator of Fun) has loved the Golden Girls since he could first spell lanai. Growing up in Florida his favorite Disney attraction was the MGM Studios Backlot tour with the Golden Girls house. The Golden Girls have impacted his life in so many ways for example he uses thrice in all of his trivia shows around Chicago. Visit to learn more about your game show host for the weekend.


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