A growing Golden line-up for 2023

Kristy McNichol
"Barbara Weston"

She’s a two-time Emmy winner whose work in Hollywood made her a bonafide movie, TV, and recording star. Golden-Con fans know Kristy McNichol best as neighbor Barbara Weston, a quirky cop and perfect comedic foil to the more straitlaced father and sister she moves in with to clean up her finances.

She was a two time “The Golden Girls” guest star who burst in to save the day when our favorite ladies were being held hostage by The Cheeseman.

David Leisure

David Leisure, star of “Empty Nest”
and a two time guest star on “The Golden Girls”

He played a loveable — if womanizing — neighborhood cad who Dorothy wiped the floor with during a dream game of “Jeopardy!”


Dinah Manoff
"Carol Weston"

Two guest star spots on “The Golden Girls” and seven years as one of the stars of “Empty Nest” isn’t even a drop in the bucket of describing Dinah Manoff’s legendary Hollywood career.

“The fact is I have many things to share about that time. And I’m going to share it all from the stage,” she promises.

Cindy Fee Singer of 'Thank You For Being A Friend'

In 2022 Cindy Fee dazzled us from the Golden-Con mainstage with her charisma and that unmistakable, inviting voice. Now the original “Thank You For Being A Fan” theme song vocalist is returning to Golden-Con to help us throw our biggest party yet.

What are the chances we can pull her on stage to trade vocals with Finally Aaron?

The Golden Gals LIVE!

With a brand new show debuting at Golden-Con this is a MUST SEE!

Ginger Minj - as Blanche
Divine Grace - as Dorothy
Gidget Galore - as Rose
MR MS Adrien - as Sophia
Don't miss out on the opportunity to see it here first.

The Golden Gays

The hilarious camp troupe, the Golden Gays™ NYC, burst onto the scene in the Summer of 2017. They first appeared at RuPaul's DragCon NYC 2017 and then at the famed Rue-La-Rue Cafe in Washington Heights, New York. Since then, they have performed sold-out engagements off-Broadway at Theatre Row, The Laurie Beechman Theatre, and The Duplex. Additionally, they have performed regionally at The Asbury Hotel, The Music Box Supper Club, and The Pilgrim House. The Golden Gays have garnered a loyal and loving fan base (#FriendOfClayton). Don't miss out on the opportunity to see it here first.

Richard Weaver
Estelle Getty's Personal Assistant

Weaver, Getty’s friend of 15 years including two stints as her live-in personal assistant. Richard Weaver is set to participate and share his special memories about life with TV’s Sophia Petrillo, Estelle Getty, during the first ever Golden-Con: Thank You For Being a Fan convention.

John Schuck "Gill Kessler"

Playing a Miami city politician who comes out as a transgender man was all in a day’s work for John Schuck, a veteran character actor who disappears into diverse characters across dozens of legendary Hollywood franchises.

He’s a veteran across multiple Star-Trek iterations. And he even played “Herman Munster” for years on “The Munsters Today.”

John Schuck joins Golden-Con all three days to share his vivid memories of working with our favorite ladies and meet and greet fans.

Doug Cox

Doug Cox is that rare “Golden Girls” guest star with roots in St. Olaf and Miami. His Sven visited Rose in the “Yokel Hero” episode as a member of the (all-male) St. Olaf Woman of the Year committee.

The following year, he landed a role on “Not Another Monday,” a “Golden Girls” standout episode for its waves of high comedy and emotional depth. His Mr. Lillestrand turned to our favorite ladies for babysitting assistance, which gave our girls the chance to soothe little Francis Lillestrand with their a capella “Mr. Sandman.” s.

David Matthews

Get to know more about the person behind the online push to get Betty White to helm “SNL”

Mother of Solid Gold Dancer Disco
& Chicago - You've got style Costume Contest