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A growing Golden line-up for 2023

David Leisure

David Leisure, star of “Empty Nest”
and a two time guest star on “The Golden Girls”

He played a loveable — if womanizing — neighborhood cad who Dorothy wiped the floor with during a dream game of “Jeopardy!”


Richard Weaver
Estelle Getty's Personal Assistant

Weaver, Getty’s friend of 15 years including two stints as her live-in personal assistant. Richard Weaver is set to participate and share his special memories about life with TV’s Sophia Petrillo, Estelle Getty, during the first ever Golden-Con: Thank You For Being a Fan convention.

Appeared in 2022

Lyn Greene
"Young Dorothy"

Lyn "Lynnie" Greene made an impression on fans of
“The Golden Girls” with her nuanced performance as young Dorothy Zbornak in flashback scenes.

Cindy Fee
Singer of 'Thank You For Being A Friend'

Cindy Fee, the voice of “The Golden Girls,” joins Golden-Con: Thank You For Being A Fan to share her experience creating the most memorable and well-loved TV theme song in pop culture history.

Dinah Manoff
"Carol Weston"

“The fact is I have many things to share about that time. And I’m going to share it all from the stage,” she promises.

Mother of Solid Gold Dancer Disco
& Chicago - You've got style Costume Contest

Monte Markham
"Clayton Hollingsworth"

Monte Markham, who twice guest-starred on “The Golden Girls” as Blanche’s brother, Clayton Hollingsworth, joins Golden-Con to share his memories of working on set with our favorite girls and meet and greet fans for photo ops and autographs.

Alan Blumenfeld
"Mr. Ha Ha"

Alan Blumenfeld, a two time guest star on “The Golden Girls”. He’s a very familiar on-screen face who’s stared down hardened criminals, Roseanne, and even Jason Voorhees! But could his biggest on-screen challenge have been going up against our favorite girls? Twice?

Amelia Kinkade
Rue McClanahan's niece

Amelia Kinkade, Season 2 guest actor, joins Golden-Con: Thank You For Being A Fan to share her memories about working in Hollywood and working alongside and getting to know her aunt, Rue McClanahan. She promises to share real-life stories about her aunt Rue that “will make you howl with laughter.”

John Schuck
"Gill Kessler"

John Schuck will reminisce about playing Gil Kessler and his interactions with our favorite girls. John Schuck is a journeyman actor who’s worked his way through to a 52 years and counting career in TV and film.

Marsha Posner Williams

Emmy award winning co-producer seasons 1-3 "The Golden Girls;"
Guest speaker "Marsha Posner-Williams: From Taxi Dancer to Emmy Winner;"
Guest speaker "Women and Aging: Lessons From 'The Golden Girls'"

Marc Sotkin
Head Writer
Executive Producer

Seasons 5-7 "The Golden Girls;" "The Golden Palace"

Stan Zimmerman
Staff Writer

Stan has taken his own poignant words to heart. He spent a full season as a staff writer for “The Golden Girls” inaugural season. Since then, he’s fit a lifetime of work as a producer, TV and film writer, author, teacher, and now playwright onto his IMDB credit sheet.

Hell In a Handbag Production “The Lost Episodes”

Jim Colucci
"Golden Girls Forever:
An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai"

Ray Richmond
"Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments In An Extraordinary Life"

David Matthews

Get to know more about the person behind the online push to get Betty White to helm “SNL”